What 2019 NFL game is the hottest ticket?

We’re only one day into ticket sales for the 2019 NFL regular-season, but already some clear patterns have emerged. The question always asked first is which games is the hottest? That is, which game is seeing the most demand for tickets?

Highest Average Order Value (AOV)
Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots
* Zero surprise that this game has highest AOV. The Pats home opener last season versus the Chiefs got as high at $1k per seat (average the week of the game) for 100-level seats and the game against the Cowboys could double that on game week.

Largest Number of Orders
Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns
* Wow, what a difference a year makes. The Browns opening game at home is the selling better than any other game in the NFL.

Most Tickets Sold
Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns
* Again, this is an amazing turn-around for Cleveland. Last year they were not in our top 20 hottest selling teams at this point.

Where are 2019 NFL ticket sales coming from?

  • 57% of ticket buyers are out-of-state. Meaning, they do not live in the same state that the game is being played. That is a lot of fans travelling to games. This makes sense because it is fans who know they are going to travel to a game who need to plan the furthest in advance. It is no shock to us that New Orleans is the top destination for out-of-state fans buying tickets.
  • 9% of tickets are international buyers. These are buyers of games in the United States (not International Series games), who are buying tickets and travelling here for the game. The countries with most NFL ticket buyers: Canada, England and Germany.
  • 25% of our sales were for home games that involved either the Saints or Cowboys.
  • 11% of our ticket sales were for games that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the road team. Not surprising, because the Steelers and Eagles fans travel very well every season.
  • 15% of the tickets sold were for games that will take place on Sunday Night. Sunday Night Football ticket sales have been 3x greater than sales for Monday Night Football.
  • 45% of our tickets sold were for games that are being played in September. Fans are loading up on games during that opening weekend, as well as, the home openers over the next few weeks.

Which NFL teams are selling the most tickets in 2019?

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Chicago Bears
  5. Green Bay Packers
  6. New Orleans Saints

Keep in-mind that all of the data above is after only the first day of sales for the 2019 season, so they will still change. But as we wrote about here, the biggest day of NFL ticket sales is the first day. The trends are obvious already which teams are going to see the strongest ticket demand for the upcoming season. If you need tickets, we have a short-term discount running for 10% of NFL tickets – click here to see if its still available. You can visit the NFL page on our site for full team schedules and tickets.