NHL Conference Finals

The battle for the Stanley Cup is down to four teams : Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyer’s, Detroit Red Wings, and the Dallas Stars.     Which I am super excited about since my two absolute favorite teams the Stars and Penguins are in it, and could even face each other in the Finals.    I feel that of the four teams left anyone of them has a good chance for the cup.    All four of these teams have played with a lot of heart and determination.  Here is my thoughts on the Western Conference Series.

Western Conference Finals- Detroit Red Wings vs.  Dallas Stars

Going into this series Dallas is the underdog but that is how they like it.  In the first round they knock out the heavily favored Anaheim Ducks (last year’s Stanley Cup winners) in a series of games were Dallas obviously looked like the better team, and the Ducks looked flat.   In round two Dallas again started out strong winning the first two games on the road, but all the games of this series were extremely close and could have ended up either way.    Dallas was finally able to knock out the San Jose Sharks at home in a Game 6 that went into four overtimes.      Turco has looked outstanding in the net during these playoffs having the second best GAA in the playoffs with a 1.73.

While Detroit has the goalie with the best GAA in the playoffs with Chris Osgood.  Who has a GAA of 1.52.  Osgood started out these playoffs backing up Dominick Hasek, but after Hasek started to look shaky in Nashville in round one the put in Osgood and haven’t looked back.  Since Osgood has been the starter the Red Wings haven’t lost a game.   In round two the quickly put away the Colorado Avalanche winning the series 4-0.   Also, in game four they humiliated the Avalanche in a 8-2 victory.  Johan “The Mule” Franzen lead the Red Wings in that series with  nine goals in that series.

So Dallas will have to be running on all cylinders if they are to win this series.   Dallas one only a single game against Detroit this season in a 1-0 victory.   So I think Turco will be key to giving them a chance in this series.   Hopefully though Dallas’s offense can give Turco a little breathing room and not have it all come down to the man between the pipes.