No Doubt they are touring!!!

So it was released recently that No Doubt will soon be together again to tour the country playing all their favorite hits we remember. 

This rock band out of Anaheim, California was founded way back in the good ole 80’s.  1986 to be exact.  Although they formed during this time, they didn’t fall into the glam rock or hair bands category that we typically associate with this time frame.  In the early 90’s they brought about the ska revival by releasing their album Tragic Kingdom, which included songs we all know and love like “Don’t Speak.”

We didn’t get a new album from the band until four years later, but it didn’t really get much commercial attention.  The band didn’t quit though.  No Doubt had no doubt they would have another hit album.  That came a short 15 months later with the release of their Rock Steady album in 2001.  This record reinvented their sound with the addition of reggae influences and dance hall music.  I thought the band was at it’s peek!! And then what happens?!?!Shortly after the buzz of this album became a soft lull, Gwen decided to venture out on her own.  She released her first solo album in 2004, Love. Angel. Music. Baby

This album was primarily influenced by her roots in music, THE 80’s….taking ques from New Wave and electro.  But one great album wasn’t enough for her!! She released a second solo album in late 2006 entitled The Sweet Escape, further solidifying my doubts that No Doubt would actually create any more music together.  This album was based mainly on electro and dance music that you would hear in clubs, which was a drastic change from her first release.  Her critics had mixed reviews, but it seemed as though most thought it wasn’t the best follow up to L.A.M.B.  Even with some of the cynical response to the album, it didn’t hinder her from touring again to promote this album.

And then it happened!!  My light at the end of the tunnel!!  While she was promoting this album, No Doubt began recording their new album without her.  They planned to release the album in 2008, although with Gwen expecting her second child, songwriting was put on the back burner. 

BUT  that brings us to the HERE AND NOW!!!  No Doubt has official stated that they are going to tour in 2009 while they are finishing their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in late 2009.  In Nov 2009, No Doubt announced that they would be headlining the Bamboozled 2009 festival on May 3rd.  No other official dates have officially been released, but I will keep you posted!  I’m sure after the crowds see them again during this festival, there will be no way they can stay out of the limelight much longer, further concreting my belief in No Doubt as a band and their diehard fans!