No ‘I’ In Team

The Suns did the expected on Wednesday night: Eliminate the Lakers. Following another unfulfilling postseason in L.A., Kobe Bryant asked for (no, demanded) help next season. When his season ended in the early hours of Thursday morning, Kobe Bryant squeezed off a couple more shots, but this time, at his own team. Wearing a white blazer and a look of exasperation, Bryant plopped down behind an NBA-TV microphone and tersely spelled out what he hopes to see from his Los Angeles Lakers bosses between now and October. “Do something,” Bryant told reporters in Phoenix, “and do it now.” In other words, do something significant on the trade front, with the Lakers lacking the salary-cap flexibility to chase a marquee free agent like Chauncey Billups. “Especially for me, it’s beyond frustration, three years and still being at ground zero,” Bryant continued. “This summer’s a big summer.”

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