No Rabbits in this Hat Trick…

With all the action on the ice this past week I felt the need to delegate this week’s play as the Stanley Cup Playoffs Play of the week. From the rink clearing brawls in Pennsylvania to the crazy OT’s in New York, this was one crazy start to the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. With so many great players in the NHL it was close to impossible to decide on just one play this week.

There were multiple plays that were “Play of the Week” worthy, but Claude Giroux’s Hat Trick against the Penguins in game 2 takes the podium this week. The fact that there was a hat trick in this game is reason enough to mention it. The fact that the hat trick brought the Flyers back from a 3-0 disadvantage to win against the Penguins is why it takes the top spot this week. Enjoy!




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