No reason NOT to go to the Derby

You dont’ have to have loads of dough to be a part of the fun….no sirree, Bob. If you want to get in and be part of it and soak up the atmosphere, I suggest buying a ticket to our Marquee Village.

What will this get you? How does free drinks and an open buffet grab ya? How about big screen tvs and the assurance that a roof over your head will keep you “rain-freee” (should it rain)? How about private betting windows?

You’ll also have access to the Paddock, the Infield, and all the area behind the stands. So call us at 800-SOLD-OUT and let us help you get in. You never know….with just the right wager on just the right horse, maybe you’ll be reserving your Millionaire Row seats for next year!!

See ya there.