“No thanks, I’ll pass…”

LeBron called it a “winning play.” So, why did the Cavs lose Monday? Because Donyell Marshall missed a potential game-winning 3-pointer, after James passed up a chance to tie the East finals’ opener. Should LeBron James have thrown that pass to Donyell Marshall? Or should he have attacked the basket? Marshall couldn’t have been any more wide open on the 3-point attempt from the right corner with 5.9 seconds left, so you can hardly fault James for getting him the ball. Right? Well, maybe you can. Because at the moment James threw that pass, he was driving to his left and seemed like he might have been able to get around Tayshaun Prince and power to the basket, although Richard Hamilton was closing hard from one side and Rasheed Wallace was coming in from the other. It was an instant that called for a split-second decision, and James decided to give it up. And it’s not like he gave it up to Scot Pollard. He gave it to a guy who nailed six 3s in the Cavs’ previous game. Game 2 will be at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Thursday night.