Olympic Venues in China Nearly Complete

The Wall Street Journal reported that the venues for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China are “almost completed”. The spokesman for the Beijing Organizing Olympic Committee said all of the venues, except the National Stadium, will be done this year. And the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, will be completed in advance of the games next Summer.

Beijing is currently overhauling or has built 37 venues for the 2008 Summer Games. They’ve also spent $50 Billion plus on infrastructure and improving their environment. That included planting some 28 million trees.

The progress in Beijing is a sharp contast to the 2004 games in Athens. Venues for the Athens games were completed at the last minute, and much press was given to how far behind schedule the Athens organizers were. That negative attention subsequently hurt the turnout of foreign visitors to the Athens Olympics. Which meant that many events had thousands of tickets unsold, which prompted Greek officials to offer them at discount prices to Greek citizens, in an effort to fill up the arenas.

The demand for tickets in Beijing is already much higher than it was for Athens. Olympic tickets are available now for the 2008 Summer games in Beijing, China. And many foreigners are expected to make a visit to the Far East for this historic Summer Games.

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