One For The Roadie: Radiohead #OccupiesNewYorkCity

In my two months writing this column, I’ve shown a tremendous love for Radiohead, my favorite living rock band. So that’s why I find it a personal affront that the group chose to wait until I left New York to make the city its plaything. For the past two weeks, the British band has holed up in the Big Apple and played around town like some artist-in-residency at a fancy college. Except, instead of poetry from the heart, Thom Yorke and company have been rocking the hell out of the city. Damn them.

Of course, there are many reasons that I would not have been able to see them. First, most of their performances have been pretty much closed off to the public. Half their performances were at “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and “The Colbert Report,” which are hard enough to get into to begin with (unless you totally lucked out and randomly chose to get tickets to the show months in advance-if so, L’Chaim to you). However, add one of the greatest bands ever into the mix, and the tickets become damn near impossible to get your hands on. Secondly, the two Roseland Ballroom shows they did sell tickets to sold out about as quickly as you’d expect them to because it’s a relatively small room. I mean, RH blew my mind in the middle of a field in New Jersey with the Statue of Liberty behind them. Imagine a crowd of about 1,500? No wonder it was the hottest ticket since forever in New York City. Only the Yankees and a reincarnated Frank Sinatra get that kind of buzz. And for the prices they were going for outside the venue ($1,200 and up), my wife would have killed me once I got home (which was late – they went on at 10:40! My hypothetical NYC self has work in the morning!).

The last reason I would have probably not seen them is because I would’ve believed the rumor that they were going to jam out for the protesters at #OccupyWallStreet , which I believe is the official name given to the protest. So I would’ve forgot about selling a liver for tickets, skipped work, been caught up in the pepper sprayed masses, only to hear random drumbeats coming from the protesters, and not Phil Selway’s drum kit. Oh that would’ve made me sooo angry.

However, I’m in Austin and was able to see the band jam on TV from the comfort of my living room. Can’t you tell how happy I  am… soo, sooo happy! Oh look, they played “Street Spirit,” my favorite rock song ever… so happy. Excuse me while I go pepper spray myself.

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