One For The Roadie: Rick Ross—Fool or Hero?

Last Friday, Miami rapper Rick Ross (#BAWSE!) hit a slight bump on his way to perform at a Memphis Tigers Midnight Madness show. He had two seizures en route to the gig which forced him to land twice. The first time, he had to return to Ft. Lauderdale (diverting all planes in the process) and go to the hospital. After a rather quick check-up, the doctor deemed the Boss fit as a fiddle and let him go. Maybe Ross needed a little more time, however.

“On his way to Memphis,” [Memphis Basketball coach Josh] Pastner said, “he had to make another emergency landing, in Birmingham. He got really sick again, and they had to rush him to the emergency room.”

According to tweets from his crew, he was okay, but they said that the first time he had a seizure that mucked up air travel in the northern Florida region. Can we trust that he is truly fine, or is it just a smoke screen (no pun intended… #BAWSE!) to cover up what might be a fragile state from an industry that celebrates braggadocio and virility? We at OFtR certainly wouldn’t past his handlers, but we worry about Rick Ross if it is true. This isn’t a Guns N’ Roses story where they were too wasted to play—the man had seizures they still can’t place.

But we’d like to hear from you on whether or not your respect the Bawse’s attempt, regardless of number of seizures, to get to his show to entertain his fans. Or do you think he needlessly put himself in danger?