One For The Roadie: Sugarland Plans Benefit For Indiana Tragedy

Last weekend, a horrible tragedy stuck before a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair. The main stage collapsed, causing the death of five festival goers. The band hadn’t taken the stage yet, and are currently trying to “emotionally process the magnitude and gravity of the tragedy” of what happened, according to a release they sent out. They are also set to have a benefit performance in memory of the lives lost in Indiana once, as they put it, “families can have time to go through their own services and memorials.”

In a total, didn’t-have-to-do-it move, the bands Train and Maroon 5 will donate the proceeds of their show on 8/18 at the same Indiana State Fairgrounds to the families of the events last weekend.

It’s good to know that at a time like this, when fingers could be wagging in an accusatory fashion, cooler heads are prevailing and allowing the mourning of those who passed. And while the charity of two concerts is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, there have been many tragedies where bands—not pressured by lawsuits or threats thereof—have given their time as much as Sugarland, Train and Maroon 5 have. It’s a small silver lining to an otherwise sad situation, but one that has to be given its proper due.