One For The Roadie: The Hole-Bizkit Brouhaha

Oh, Courtney Love. Whether you consider her a talented songstress who burned up the 90s with her band Hole, or the Yoko Ono who killed Nirvana, we can’t deny things are just more interesting with her around. Australia witnessed this first hand over the weekend when the singer took her brand of crazy international and opened a can of whoop-butt to another 90s remnant—the Fred Durst-led Limp Bizkit.

Hole was supposed to play the Soundwave Festival in Australia over the weekend, but a last minute scheduling change made Love change her mind. That last minute move was putting Bizkit above Hole on the poster, effectively making the “Celebrity Skin” and “Miss World” band an opening act. Yeah, Courtney didn’t take too kindly to that. She decided (we’ll never know if her mates had any say in that) that Hole would never play second fiddle to the Nookie crew, and tweeted the following to concert promoter AJ Maddah before cancelling:

“What bloody flight of crazed fancy made you think we’d open for Limp, dude?”

Maddah got… well, madder as he disclosed that he refused to drop Hole when two “bigger acts” didn’t want them on the bill. So in the end, Maddah got none of the three, and left with a gaping hole where talent used to be. Fred Durst and Bizkit have taken the high road so far, but that doesn’t mean Love’s actions haven’t been noticed by their former festival mats. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor decided to also go to Twitter and fired off a tweet rocket that any one of us could have written.

“Courtney, you haven’t released a big album in how long? Get over yourself.”