One For The Roadie: Watching The Throne

Peanut butter and chocolate is such a transcendent combination. From the moment you pop the combo in your mouth, it’s an instant melody. So you can imagine my elation when I hear something like “Otis,” the first official track off the Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration Watch The Throne, dropping on August 8th (alas, all legal versions of “Otis” have been wiped clean off the face of the internet, save the versions found on YouTube, sped up to avoid the copyright claim spiders UMG has deployed). We’ve heard the duo team up in various incarnations before (Jay rapping/Kanye producing; rapping together, like on “HAM”, which will not be WTT; um, merging into each other like in the probably-fake, but still awesome teaser poster to the left), but this Reese’s Piece of news would be a super-collaboration deployed at the height of their respective careers. It’s The Yardbirds if Clapton had still been around when Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page came to play.

So imagine my surprise when the duo dropped another bombshell – the two would be going out on a tour together under the moniker, The Throne. :O indeed. Just like that, it went from a Reese’s Piece to an ice cream cake. Alas, just like their album, information has been coming out in drips and drabs–Watch The Throne only had a firm release date last month, pretty strange for a ginormous release that is essentially wowing the crowd not by content (until “Otis” dropped a couple of weeks ago, anyway), but by the names involved.

All of a sudden we have a tour of the US and Canada on our hands, one whose itinerary has already been changed once since it was announced last week because of “overwhelming demand” (as if there would be any other kind). There had also been so much un-sourced gossip coming out—infighting between the stars, budget concerns, etc.—that Jay-Z had to go on the radio in New York to dispel all of them. To think, all of this commotion before the album actually drops.

So what should we expect (other than, um, the new material)? Will they only do songs from Watch? Will they always be on stage together, and thus, only perform tunes where they’ve collaborated? Will one take the stage before the other, letting it ruminate before both coming on-stage? Who will be the opening act? Will there be an opening act? Gahhhh! I guess the only question answered is if I will be there.

Photo courtesy of The DOTR