Pittsburg Steelers 2014 Football Sechedule Breakdown

The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to reach the playoffs last season, staying in contention through Week 17 but ultimately losing a spot to the San Diego Chargers. They are primed for a better season this year, though their AFC North counterparts all bolstered their rosters as well. Below is a breakdown of each home game on the Steelers schedule ranked by the highest median price for Steelers tickets.

Steelers 2014

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Sunday November 2nd VS. Baltimore Ravens| Median Ticket Price: $213

As expected, Steelers vs. Ravens tickets has the highest median ticket price for any game on the Steelers schedule. Arguably the nastiest rivalry in all of the NFL, the Steelers and Ravens will most likely battle it out in an aggressive, defensive game. Neither team was able to win the AFC North last year, falling short to the Cincinnati Bengals, but expect both teams to be in the thick of the race this season.

Monday October 20th VS. Houston Texans | Median Ticket Price: $192

The Houston Texans followed up a strong 2012 season with an absolute disaster in 2013, winning just two games and ultimately having the worst record in the NFL. They’ll come to town on Monday night this year and it will be the first opportunity for Steelers fans to see first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney try to tee off against Ben Roethlisberger.

Sunday October 26th VS. Indianapolis Colts | Median Ticket Price: $192

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts visit Sunday October 26th with the median price for Steelers tickets currently at $192. The reigning AFC South champion, Indianapolis will be a difficult team to defeat and chances are this will be a very close matchup.

Sunday September 7th VS. Cleveland Browns | Median Ticket Price: $181

In Week 1, the Cleveland Browns will come to town in the first of the three AFC North home meetings on the Steelers schedule. The Browns will be led by quarterback Brian Hoyer who beat out Johnny Manziel during the preseason. At a median ticket price of just $181, Steelers tickets are quite a bargain for this week’s home opener.

Sunday September 28th VS. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Median Ticket Price: $178

The most expensive games of the year for Pittsburgh tend to occur earlier in the year as the weather is warmer and there’s a larger number of individuals looking for tickets. That is certainly the case when Tampa Bay comes to town. The Bucs struggled mightily last year and don’t have any marquee players to draw a crowd, but the weather should be nice enough September 28th and fans are willing to pay for this game.

Sunday November 30th VS. New Orleans Saints | Median Ticket Price: $170

Once every eight years the New Orleans Saints visit Pittsburgh so luckily for Steelers fans they have not had to deal with quarterback Drew Brees too much. Brees will visit on November 30th this year and at a median ticket price of just $170, it’s one of the cheaper games on the schedule this year.

Sunday December 28th VS. Cincinnati Bengals | Median Ticket Price: $161

The final game of the season will be against the Cincinnati Bengals, the 2013 AFC North champions. Led by quarterback Andy Dalton who recently inked a massive contract extension, the Bengals will look to repeat as divisional champs and if this game has any bearing on a playoff spot for either team, expect ticket prices to rise substantially.

Sunday December 21st VS. Kansas City Chiefs | Median Ticket Price: $133

The cheapest game on the Steelers schedule comes just a week before the Bengals season finale when the Kansas City Chiefs come to town. At a median ticket price of $133, tickets for the December 21st game are the best value deal this year if you’re looking to find cheap Steelers tickets.




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