Well my 49ers did not get it done and they will have the sting of knowing they left a lot on the field against the Ravens. It was a crazy game and I have talked to a few people that were not like me and crazy enough to leave New Orleans the day before the game.

How could you not love that experience. It was one of the craziest Super Bowl games ever and was the longest game ever compliments of half of the stadium losing lighting for more than 30 minutes.

When the lights came back on so did the 49ers. They came roaring back in this game and for all intents and purposes should have had an opportunity to win with first and goal on the 7 yard line with over 2:30 left in the game.

It is always about the experience. It was one experience for the fans, one experience for the cities and an unexplainable experience for the Harbaugh family. As a father and mother it must have been bitter sweet regardless of the outcome. They had to be so happy for one son and probably naturally first went to the son that was stinging.

Sports and events are all about the stories, the experience and the memories. Super Bowl 47 had plenty of that and then some.




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