Pro Bowl scheduled BEFORE Super Bowl

After the NFC and AFC Championship games, there are probably a few of you who are struggling to find some football to watch to gear up for the Super Bowl two weeks away. Well the NFL has a solution! THE PRO BOWL!  It is reported that in 2010, the NFL has decided to move the Pro Bowl to the by-week in between these games. 

Super Bowl XLIV is designated to be February 7th, 2010 in Miami.  So within that window, why not play the Pro Bowl the week before in the same location.  Genius.  Right!  Or is it? 

The NFL feels that this move will bring more attention to the formally uninteresting game.  But will it really?!  Granted it gives us something to watch in a week formally free of football.  Although chances are, the game will be no more interesting then normal, and perhaps even less; ultimately resulting in the channel switch to the newest season of American Idol or House (you can pick your poison)!

I’m not trying to be negative, but maybe I just don’t understand why the NFL thinks that this scheduling twist will be such a benefit to this game.  

1.  The special rules of the Pro Bowl are still going to apply (like the ban on blitzing) – Although this significantly reduces the chance of injury, it’s not like the players think they are auditioning for a play!  They suit up every game, head to toe in pads, helmets and mouth guards!! They know what they are getting into!  Also, given this risk of injury, it seems ridiculous to think that the players are going to put in their best effort, which will in turn lead to an uneventful match-up.

2.  The game is still going to consist of a conglomeration of players who have never played as a team – They are grouped together for a few practices.  Then a few days later are expected to play a legitimate game of football?   

3.  Then there is the exclusion of the players who are playing the next week in the Super Bowl- You didn’t expect the players on the best teams that season to play in the All-Star game did you?!  None of these All-Star players would risk injury in the Pro Bowl and in turn not get to participate in the biggest game of the season!!  I would think that the athletes who played well enough in the regular season to make it all the way to the Super Bowl would make up a large portion of the ‘All-Star’ Team, but what do I know.  And I know that there are still several good players in the league but if these people aren’t involved shouldn’t they stop calling it an ‘ALL-Star Game’.  Perhaps they can go with “Some-Star Game” or maybe “Most-Star Game.” 

4.  The players that actually are going to participate in the Pro Bowl are one of two athletes – They have either been on vacation for five weeks since the regular season ended.  Or they are exhausted from the playoffs, where they saw the title game in reach, yet fell short.   Whichever scenario the player falls into, it seems unlikely that they are going to be at their peak ability or want to play in a less than gratifying game of football.

Obviously I have made my opinion on the subject known, but here is your chance to tell me yours!  What do you think of this change-up?  Do you think NFL made the right decision in moving the game?  Do you think the game will get more attention? Or do you think that the game should remain in its former position, AFTER the Super Bowl?