Radiohead at the Woodlands Pavilion

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to see Radiohead at the Cynthia-Mitchell Woodland’s Pavilion.  I am not a big fan of massive concerts but this show was truly impressive.  The weather was beautiful, despite a brief shower prior to the show.  The Liars opened for Radiohead and while I wasn’t blown away I think they would be good in a smaller venue.

Radiohead took the stage about 8:45pm and proceeded to absolutely kill it for the next two hours.  Their visuals were stunning and unlike anything I have seen before.  They had long clear tubes hanging down all over the stage in orderly rows with lights running down the length of them.  It was a very creative 3D look to the lighting.  Their video projections were very cinematic and perfectly lit and composed, but you never saw a camera on stage.

On a side note, we paid for $18 parking and thought it was a waste until we walked out of the garage at the very entrance to the pavilion.  Buying parking tickets can be a huge time saver.