Randy Moss traded to New England Patriots!

If you’re a member of Patriot nation, you’ve got to be an extremely happy camper today. Tom Brady now has a new weapon in his arsenal for next year: Randy Moss.
In the confusion of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Raiders must have inhaled some wet paint fumes because they literally gave Moss to the Patriots. Moss was aquired for one 4th round pick in next year’s draft. Not second round, not third, fourth round. Their reasoning?… I have no idea. Maybe they thought he was a headache and needed to go. But to trade him to the already offensively charged Patriots?

Moss was interviewed and saw the trade as a slap in the face (as well he should). He is a 5 time Pro-Bowl player, and he now has a chip on his shoulder like he did when he was drafted himself at the 20-30th pick overall instead of the 1-5 pick overall where he thought he should have been drafted. The fact that he’s pissed off about this trade is a good thing for New England.

Moss now has no viable excuses he can make for poor performance (“My team’s not a contender, my QB stinks, I don’t get enough touches”). Without his excuses, I think that Patriot fans should be willing to pay a little extra to watch their team dominate this season.