Rays: Keep Your Chins Up

Did any of you get a chance to see the stunned look on the Rays faces last night when J.D. Drew hit the RBI to give the Boston Red Sox the 2nd biggest comeback in playoffs history?  I’ll bet most of you BoSox bandwagoners just flipped the channel to ER and were through with it, ready to admit that your season was over.

A true Red Sox fan, however, would have been biting their fingers to the nubs shortly after Big Papi hit that bomb of a homerun into the right field stands.  The Rays never saw it coming, and neither did we.  Props.

Regardless of last night, I must say that any legitimate baseball fan should be rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays right now.  It is a rarity in Major League Baseball that a “have-not” team such as the Rays chooses the perfect combination of players and plays their cards just right while remaining within their budget.  When the underdogs wail on the “I’m So Freakin’ Rich I Can Do What I Want” franchise, a true baseball fan realizes the feat and commends the rare occasion.  The Rays have done the unthinkable by making it this far, and I commend them.

Don’t give up hope after last night Tampa, Boston wants to commend you as well.

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