Record Demand for Tickets to Baylor-Texas Game Signify Growing Rivalry

With the sting of last year’s 30-10 loss to the Bears still fresh, it’s not surprising to hear reports of tension between Texas and Baylor following the Longhorns spring game.  Longhorns linebacker Steve Edmond had some pretty harsh comments about the reigning big 12 champs, but it isn’t just the players who are riled up. Revenge-seeking Texas fans and high-flying Sooners are driving record-breaking demand for the next match-up between these two teams in Austin.

Baylor at Texas is the most popular ticket for both the Bears and the Longhorns this season, making this the most expensive game at DKR for the Longhorns in 2014.  The average price for a ticket to the game is $188, up 20% compared to last year’s meeting.

3b8d0619b9187d1b0084a5245071ba3d_crop_northThe Baylor-Texas game was also the most expensive home game ticket for the Bears in 2013.  In fact, ticket prices for this match-up have increased by at least 15% year-over-year since 2011, with prices increasing by more than 40% between 2012 and 2013.

The Big 12 has changed. Five schools have won the last five Big 12 titles, and this league no longer is an Oklahoma/Texas throttlehold. Although ticket prices for Baylor-Texas haven’t reached the levels of the well-established Red River Rivalry, demand for Baylor-Texas tickets is already outpacing Texas-OU by more than 3 to 1, and prices are sure to follow. In fact, more tickets have been sold to this game than any other match-up for both teams this season.

While Longhorns fans may cringe at the idea, a Baylor-Texas rivalry could be exactly the kind of interest generating matchup that the Big 12 needs coming off of a difficult season. It will be interesting to see how the Bears handle new expectations as reigning conference champs.  Perhaps the best stage to see how it will all play out will be in Austin on October 4th.




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