Refunds on Tickets for Games Not Played

So what happens if you bought tickets for Games 5, 6 or 7 of the 2007 World Series? Since the Red Sox swept the Rockies in four games, these games are never going to be played. And what happens on other events, when you buy tickets for a game that is not played?

The answer is simple, you get a full refund (minus shipping) for games that are not played. If you bought tickets from for game 7 of this series. And game 7 is never played. Then all you need to do is contact your sales agent to find out when your refund is being issued. Typically the refunds for games not played are issued within a couple of days of the game. If tickets were shipped to you for the game, then you will need to return those tickets in order to get your refund. Make sure you choose a secure method (Fedex, UPS) to return the tickets, so that you can track them.

If the tickets were shipped to you, then you will not be refunded your shipping costs. In addition, you will have to pay to return the tickets to our office before receiving your refund on the order. And when noted, you may not receive a refund of your entire service charge. But those instances are rare, and will be clear to you prior to ordering your tickets.

The 2007 World Series ended in a sweep by the Boston Red Sox. That is the 3rd time in the last 4 World Series, that one of the teams has swept to win. And all of those sweeps came from the American League.

There have been 19 sweeps in the history of the World Series. The first was in 1907, when the Chicago Cubs swept the Detriot Tigers 4-0. And 7 of those 19 World Series sweeps have come since 1989. The New York Yankees have swept their opponent in the World Series the most times – 7 sweeps. The next most is by the Boston Red Sox/Braves who have 3 sweeps (including 2007) on their resume. Here is a list of the results from all of the World Series in history.

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2007 World Series.




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