Remember That Time When…

TicketCity often says, “We’re fans just like you.”

While this may sound like fluff meant to sell tickets, the TicketCity staff is truly comprised of passionate live event fans. Not only is it part of our job description (Seriously. Look here.), but it is also part of who we are as individuals. From Longhorn football to the Kentucky Derby to George Strait to ACL Fest, we just can’t get enough.

This passion allows us to better serve our clients because we know the thrill of witnessing the winning touchdown, the excitement of finally seeing your favorite band live, and the importance of getting just the right tickets to your dream event.

Since our employees can’t enter our contest to win $200 in free tickets , we thought we’d share some of our favorite memories here on the TicketCity blog. Enjoy!

Have some memories of your own? Feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear about them, or even help you create some new ones!