Reminder – Review It After You’ve Seen It

Just a friendly reminder to all our customers about the review functionality we recently added to the website. If you’ve seen a concert, game, or theatre show and really liked it, why not head over to their page on our site and share your thoughts with other customers. You can even do that if, and I know this is highly unlikely, you didn’t like it much at all. Hey, these things happen.

You can get the details on our Reviews page. Really, its simple, you just need to look up the person/team/show you’ve seen on our site. The quickest way to do that with the big search box up at top:

TicketCity Site Search Bar

We’ve also been tweaking our search to provide better results, so all the more reason to try it out. When you’ve found what you want to review, just look for the stars at the top of the page. There’s a link to write a review right under there, and it will walk you through the process.

You can even post photos you took when you went, or upload your videos to YouTube and have them show up right next to your review. Our top contributors earn badges next to their entries? You see a lot of shows? You can be one of them.




TicketCity Webmaster.