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So the AP posts 2 stories back to back about the upcoming fall season on Broadway, titled, respectively, “Musical revivals outpace new shows on Broadway“, and “New plays outnumber revivals on Broadway this fall“. Once the initial bout of cognitive dissonance wore off, I slowly remembered that plays and musicals were 2 different things. One is were people walk around the stage and talk, the other is where people dance around the stage and sing. Thus there can simultaneously more revivals in category “A” and more new shows in category “2”.

What of category A, which I just decided was musicals, where revivals rule for the fall season? The revivals are lead by Bye Bye Birdie, which began on Broadway in 1960 and became a film staring Dick Van Dyke and Ann-Margret in 1963. The musical tells the story of Conrad Bridie, a very popular singer in late 50’s America who is about to inducted to the US Army, and the plublicity-stunt-gone-awry that lands him in the wholesome all-American town of Sweet Apple. The story was conceived after the media frenzy around the draft of Elvis Presley to the Army in 1958.

I knew an Elvis fan once.

Other revivals this season include Finian’s Rainbow, Ragtime, and White Christmas, which I sense has a holiday theme to it. Unlike Bye Bye Birdie, White Christmas followed the opposite route, having been based on the 1954 film of the same name instead of having a film adapted from it. If you guessed it’s also where the holiday standard “White Christmas” originated from, you’d be correct. This will be the show’s second year on Broadway for the holiday season. It has a ways to go to rival Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular in terms of “long running holiday tradition,” though.

On the category 2 side, we have plays, where the originals outnumber the rivals, if you recall correctly from the first paragraph. I’ve already covered A Steady Rain, the cannibal fueled romp heavy with fake American accents. There’s also Superior Dounts, staring Michael McKean, as the proprietor of a doughnut shop and his budding friendship with his new young, urban employee. Granted, it gives me a “movie of the week” vibe. McKean has recently been touring with fellow Spinal Tap/Folksmen alums on the Unwigged & Unplugged tour.

We have tickets to all these shows and a bunch of the other ones opening this fall on Broadway. You can check out the Theatre Tickets page or just plug in your desired show on the search box at the Ticketcity website.




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