Rings, Cartwheels, and Dunks

Finally Lebron James can no longer be criticized for not having a championship, or can he? One thing I have learned from sports media is that there will always be something. Now they’ve changed their story to,”He’s not the best because he only has one ring.”

I have come to realize that this cycle repeats itself multiple times before respect and criticism are finally exchanged for one another. I don’t expect this to get in LB’s way though. Honestly, I think this championship sparked a fire in James that the world has yet to see.

Why are the greats great? They don’t stop getting better once they have reached the top. Think about it. None of the greats stopped at one championship. Jordan, Bryant, Bird, Johnson, and all the others you know failed at one thing: Getting the taste of the championship out of their mouth. The ring, the celebration, the trophy. It’s all fuel to this fiery pleasure they have in perfection. I don’t see Lebron being any different than the rest of the pack; after all, he is next in line to take the NBA throne as King.

Since I started this post on my Lebron soap box, you’re probably expecting the Play of the Week to be a Lebron clip from game 5 of the finals. I figured everyone saw enough of that over the weekend, so I decided to mix things up while staying on the basketball track.

I found this amazing dunk from the Nike LA Dunk Competition. Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington took the spotlight at the Nike hosted dunk contest in LA over the weekend, and rightfully so because this is one of the craziest dunks I have ever seen. It’s one of those things you watch and then re-watch because you can’t believe it’s real. It’s a vintage Vince Carter dunk on steroids. I could sit here and describe it to you, but no words would do Jus Fly justice. So enjoy watching, re-watching and then watching again the TicketCity Play of the Week.




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