RSS Feeds for Upcoming Events

Really Simple Syndication… that’s one commonly accepted definition for what RSS means, and for that definition fits well. With RSS webmasters and developers can grab data and content from our website and display it on theirs. BTW, it’s extremely simple! That’s why there has been so much buzz around RSS for the last several years.

Calling all webmasters… display upcoming events like: The NASCAR schedule, or even the shows at Chicago’s United Center. All pages on the website that have “Upcoming Events” listed will have the standard “RSS” image button in the upper right corner of the listings. The URL that the RSS button points to has the goods! If you’re a seasoned RSS/XML developer then you know the drill, so carry on 🙂

What about webmasters or developers who have never worked with RSS/XML… well, don’t worry… remember that it’s “Really Simple” Syndication. We’ve prepared a general information page >> Learn about our RSS feeds > that contains some tutorials and code examples.

Also, our RSS feeds can be a powerful extension to our affiliate program. So, if you’re going to use our RSS feeds you might as well sign-up for our affiliate program!

Enjoy, and let us know if you need any technical assistance