Rugby Semis

I can only imagine that things are heating up in Paris as preparations are being made for this weekend’s RWC matches.  I won’t be my provincial American self and comment on personal hygiene habits of my French brothers & sisters (that would be on my father’s side, the side of the family that no one mentions, but I think that has more to do with general debauchery and good time-havingness than bathing). 

Aaron, our man in Paris, reports that England is favored over Les Bleus. But word from South Africa (courtesy of Johan senior) is that the Safas* expect the French to win and are betting accordingly.  They reckon* that the French are riding the home team-adrenaline advantage and will be able to eek out more more win over the Brits*. 

Now as far as the South African/Argentinian match goes- well some think it is up for grabs and will be decided by penalty kicks (Aaron).  The Boks’ Percy Montgomery and their 2nd string kicker are well proven.  (Don’t be fooled by the connotations that the name “Percy Montgomery” might bring to mind – he’s a seasoned pro.) 

Something to keep in mind however is that the Argentinians bring something entirely new to the table.  These guys are the true underdogs, the Rocky’s if you will, of rugby so you can count on this match to be to the death.  The Safas have only won one other World Cup and are sick of always coming in second and third in the rugby world.  The Argentinian players are professionals in every sense of the word – except in compensation and lifestyle. 
Rugby is their religion.  And they want to turn the rest of the world on to it. 

A fantastic weekend for rugby and although you can’y get a seat for today’s match in
Paris we still have some seats available for Sunday.

I’m headed off to the unreasonably priced pub to try to sneak in and watch the match – unlikely since I have my Bok cap on. 

Boks – nickname for the Springboks, a large antelope & the South African mascot;
Brits – British; also referred to as “limeys”, “poofs”, and my favorite: “northern monkeys” (folks from near Liverpool) and “southern fairies” (folks from
Les Bleus – the French nickname for their team, the rest of the rugby world refers to them as the Roosters (not really, but that other word for rooster that starts with a “C”);
Reckon – a term I thought was only used on the Beverly Hillbillies but is commonly used by English speakers in Austrailia, South Africa &New Zealand;
Safa – nickname for South Africans, just like folks around the world say “Yanks” for Americans.