Runner Up or #1?

Not to keep throwing rocks at a broken window, but it sure was nice seeing some actual NFL refs this weekend. At first I thought it was in every spectator and critic’s head, the whole ref thing. The psychologist in me would like to believe that when you tell an audience what to see there is a good chance they will see it. So as the opening weeks of the NFL began to play out along with lots of chatter about how bad the replacement refs were doing, I laughed and moved on. Then I started hearing how some of the refs had only coached high school and junior college games before getting thrown into the fastest version of football in the world and to my surprise the calls were getting worse each week. Still, not wanting to succumb to what I truly believed to be a psychological endeavor, I looked on to the next week of football. Then the Seattle – Green Bay game came to an end.

Watching the game as just a football fan and having no allegiance to either team I have a truly unbiased opinion and it was clearly an interception. I felt like I was dreaming because there is no way a ref standing 10 feet away sees this play and thinks yep that’s a touchdown. Low and behold there was a way. The blown call was bad, but what’s even worse is that the two refs run up to the dog pile, acknowledge each other with a slight head nod and then display completely opposite calls of one another. Then they proceed to review the play and still go with the call on the field of a touchdown. This was the worst call I have ever seen in a football game and was enough to get me on the bandwagon against these replacement refs. After the game some sports analyst came on with Steve Young and the post-game show cast and described what was going on perfectly, “It’s like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.” I couldn’t agree more.

But now that the real refs are back all is good and we can get back to talking top plays and performances. This week Baylor made its way to West Virginia for the first time for a game with a score that looked to be from a basketball game. Early this season in week one or two, I dubbed an Ohio State catch as the catch of the year, well JD Woods did not agree and decided to give Devin Smith a run for his money. I am really stuck in a cross roads with this one because the Ohio State catch was for a touchdown and he had to stay in bounds, but JD Woods catch is just as amazing. It is definitely the TicketCity Play of the Week; I will leave the catch of the year decision in your hands. JD Woods or Devin Smith?




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