Which Seats are Best for the Mayweather fight?

With so few major boxing matches in a given year, it makes sense that each and every one receives such considerable hype.  That is nowhere more apparent than when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. enters the ring.  For the second time in the past year, Mayweather will be facing off against Marcos Maidana.  The last time these two got in the ring, billed as “The Moment,” was on May 3rd of this year at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Mayweather won via a majority decision after twelve fierce rounds, so fans were very pleased when the announcement was made that the two welterweights would be getting back in the ring.

Mayweather (Photo: AP)

Mayweather (Photo: AP)

Presently, the average ticket price for Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 is $1,627.51 with a get-in price of $474.  But with so many different options to choose from, we here at TicketCity broke down the different zones and seating options available so if you’re looking in to buying Floyd Mayweather tickets to see him square off against Marcos Maidana, you will be well-informed.

Floor Seats – Get-in Price = $3,545

If you want to sit on the floor, the cheapest ticket available is $3,545 in Section B.  You can get three rows from the ring in Section A, but those are obviously going to be much more expensive at $16,959 per ticket.

Lower Level – Get-in Price = $1,395

The average ticket price for lower level seats is $2,709.08 with the cheapest ticket available being just $1,395.  One particular spot of interest would be a location in Section 22 with two tickets available in Row D for only $1600 apiece.  That’s the fifth cheapest listing available and one of the closest ticket listings in the lower level.  If you want to sit dead center, the cheapest ticket is $3,049 in Section 13 for seats in Row M.  The closest you’ll be able to get is also in Section 13 where you can find Row E seats available for $5,043.

Mezzanine Level – Get-in Price = $799

MGM Grand Garden Arena has 100 level seating along the north and south sides of the ring, as well as in the east end zone.  The cheapest ticket you’ll find is in the corner section 107 in Row AA for $799.  The average ticket price is $1,494.05 for 100 level seating with only five listings currently below $1,000.

Upper Level – Get-in Price = $461

The cheapest ticket you’ll find for Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 will be in the upper level, Section 218, Row P for $461. The average ticket price for upper level seats is $739.09 with a significant number of tickets below $600.  If you’re just looking to get in to the arena and don’t much care for how close you are to the ring, we’d recommend looking in to the upper level seating.

Although the prices are high, with so few relevant boxing matches these days, fans seem more than willing to splurge and grab tickets for Mayweather vs. Maidana 2. With only one or two matches for Mayweather each calendar year, now is certainly the time to see him in action. Rumors for Mayweather’s next opponent are already circulating, but in the here and now, Marcos Maidana is the only opponent on Money Mayweather’s mind.




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