Sharpie 500 coming up in August

If you’ve never been to Bristol Motor Speedway, you’re definitely missing out.

Constructed in 1960, the track’s first NASCAR race was on July 30th, 1961. The banking of 36 degrees on the turns makes Bristol the most steeply banked track used by NASCAR. However, the track is so small that speeds here are usually lower than is typical on most NASCAR oval tracks, but very fast compared to other short tracks due to the high 36 degree banking, making for a lot of drivers “swapping paint”. With so many cars in such a small space, contact is almost inevitable at Bristol Motor Speedway. According to, “tickets for the Bristol NASCAR event are said to be the second hardest to obtain in all of sports, second only to the opening ceremony of the Olympics.”

Sounds like fun for any NASCAR fan. We have tickets. Don’t believe me? Call us up. 800-SOLD-OUT.