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Hopefully you’re finding tickets for the topic of a particular blog post linked conveniently from that post.  If it slips one of our posters’ minds, then maybe you’ll need to head over to and give the search a try.

At the top of all our pages, the Search bar can help you locate that hard-to-find event.

TicketCity Site Search Bar

TicketCity Site Search Bar

Operation is pretty straight forward, type in and check the results.  They’ll be in 3 categories, “Performers”, “Venues”, “Locations,” depending on how broad your search is. Venues and Locations are pretty straightforward, but Performers is a broad term we use for any kind of band, sports team, tournament, or even theatre show.

For example, searching on “Texas” returns this:

TicketCity Search Results

TicketCity Search Results

“Texas” is a pretty wide search, so you get everything from college football, to baseball, to rodeo and bowl games in the Performer category.  If you were looking for Longhorns basketball tickets this time of year, then trying “Texas Longhorns Basketball” will probably get you to your destination faster.

Try the most specific verison of your search first.  If that doesn’t work, broaden.  That’s a useful tip for any search.  Our site generally doesn’t map college teams to anything but the most specific queries.

Say you’re searching “Longhorns” in Septermber; you probably want some football tickets.  It’s February, so odds are the same search today would be for basketball tickets.  That’s why you’ll see so many results for a search like that.  So be specific, and if you don’t find what you need, try again, or give one of our sales guys a call (1-800-880-8886).  If it’s out there, they have a good chance of finding it, and maybe getting you an even better deal.




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