Top Selling Soccer Matches

Summertime is the in between season for sports. The NBA and NHL have finish up their season in June and football does not kickoff until late August, which only leaves Major League Baseball. Soccer has stepped in to that void to become one of the top selling sporting events in the United States during the Summer months.

There are a variety of soccer options for fans, but the most popular matches or tournaments in recent years have involved top European clubs on tour in the USA, as well as, the big Copa Oro tournament which features the top international squads in this region. Below we rank the top selling soccer matches in 2019:

Top Soccer Tournaments of Summer 2019

  1. CONCACAF Gold Cup
  2. International Champions Cup (ICC)
  3. Liverpool FC (US tour)
  4. Colossus Cup
  5. Club America (US tour)

The Gold Cup is played every other year and always draws well for matches that feature the US Men’s National Team or the Mexican National Team. ICC is a “tournament” that features a variety of top club teams playing around the United States. Two of the top drawing teams this Summer have been Liverpool FC, who recently won the Champions League and Premier League. Also Club America from Mexico, who has a HUGE following of fans in the States. If you have not met made it to see one of these top matches, then do not miss your chance to see a game when it plays nearby.

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