South Florida vs West Virginia Tickets

Here’s a game that is going to be big. The USF Bulls knocked off Auburn a couple of weeks ago and are currently ranked 24th in the USA Today Poll… while West Virginia sits in the number 5 spot. If you watched the USF / Auburn game you saw a very tough, ‘never surrender’ USF team go the distance. We don’t have many South Florida vs West Virginia Tickets in our inventory… but the ones we have are priced low!! West Virginia fans better make sure they show up to this one, because the Bulls have as much to win as the Mountaineers have to lose.

USF coach Jim Leavitt, who has built the USF program over the last 10 years, is no pushover. In fact the University of Alabama and Kansas State have long been trying to pull him away from Tampa Florida. However, he seems very committed to ever improving his program at USF. And improving is exactly what seems to be happening… considering last year the Bulls got their first ever Bowl game win in the Papa Johns Bowl (btw, I love Papa Johns Pizza).

West Virginia isn’t #5 by accident, so don’t think that all this talk about USF indicates that they’ve got it won. In fact, odds are that USF loses badly… but talk like that always gives an underdog team something to thrive on.

So if you are a Mountaineer or Bull, and don’t have tickets yet… don’t hesitiate >> South Florida vs West Virginia Tickets

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