Spider-Man Delayed Again, Rewrites Cited

Another delay in the 65 million dollar Spider-Man Musical saga. This time to retool something a bit more fundamental than the rigging: the script. As reports from the early previews suggested, many were willing to live with some mishaps with the complex staging of the ambitious musical, but said the story needed work. Work it will be given, with retooling focused on the second act.

U2 vets Bono and The Edge may be called in to provide more music for the finale. U2 is currently playing dates in Australia and they may return once those dates are over. Nothing is certain at the moment, only that the new opening date is now February 7th. Maybe. At this point it seems clear you may not want to be making formal plans around a Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark opening date. No word on what will happen to the dates in January during the “re-tooling” period.