Spider-Man: Does Whatever Some Guy Named Reeve Can

Producers of the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical have cast the title role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man. The lucky guy is Reeve Carney, who is the lead singer in a rock band named “Carney.” Not sure what the inspiration for the band’s name was, but I’m sure there’s a really interesting story behind it. The casting seems strange in light of previous reports the role of Spider-Man was a non-singing one. That is apparently no longer the case, since I doubt you’d cast the lead singer of a band in a role in a musical that did not require any singing.

He joins Evan Rachel Wood (pictured) who is already cast as Mary Jane Watson and Alan Cumming, who plays the villain Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. Of the two, Alan Cumming has far more genre cred, most notably as Nightcrawler in the second X-men film. So he’s a seasoned veteran of Marvel comics adaptions. Evan Rachel Wood has a couple episodes of True Blood under her belt, that’s about it, unless you count another brief recurring role on a season of Profiler.

The musical, having experienced some delays last August, is still underway at this point, and should be opening in 2010. Check out our Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Tickets page for current inventory listings.




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