Spider-Man Musical Off to a Shaky Start

So, after multiple delays, the first preview of the mega-musical based on Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man got off the ground November 28th, and, reports indicated, hung suspended there for a few minutes while stage hands fixed the rigging. The preview show stopped 4 times to fix issues with the complex set and effects during the first act, which eventually ended early. After a rather long intermission, the show resumed and stopped once more in the second act, prompting some “constructive criticism” from an adventurous audience member.

Producers were in damage control mode before the show began, and didn’t let up afterwards. The cost and the talent behind the show does a lot for raising expectations. Reviews of the elements that weren’t effected by issues with the rigging weren’t necessarily charitable either, as elements of the story and the songs by U2 vets Bono and The Edge were both questioned.

The show opens officially on January 11, to what now will have to be a long, extremely successful run if the roughly 65 million dollar price tag is even somewhat accurate. Tickets for the preview shows throughout December are available. Producers feel all the technical issues will be ironed out by the December 4th dates. It remains to be seen if the script and the music will see any changes, though that is certainly possible as well.

Grab tickets to the previews on our Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets page. Look at it this way, if this does turn out to be the biggest flop in Broadway history, you can say you were a part of it.




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