Spider-Man, Pause the Dark

While the synergies between Broadway and comic book properties seemed like a surefire win (has the HTML5 spec gotten to the /sarcasm tag yet?), news arrives that the production of Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark has been suspended due to financial issues. The issue being that the finances seem to have run out, though the producers, Hello Entertainment, claim this is only temporary.

Work had been going on to modify and renovate the Hilton Theatre in order to stage the show, which will be directed by Julie Taymor of “Lion King” fame. Music is being supplied by Bono and Edge, The, who when not writing Broadway musicals, front the band U2. To date, only Mary Jane (Evan Rachel Wood) and the Green Goblin (Alan Cumming) have been cast, leaving open to speculation who will be playing the title character.

The plot is said to mix elements of the comics and recent highly successful film series helmed by Sam Raimi, as well as adding in some original material- probably the parts where the characters spontaneously break out into song, which I don’t recall happening very often in either the films or the comics.




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