Week three in the NCAA left a few teams speechless, including the #2 ranked USC Trojans who, for the fourth year in a row, took a loss from the Stanford Cardinals. USC fans looked forward to this year’s game as they figured Stanford’s “Luck” had finally run out. Saturday night all USC personnel learned one thing; it had nothing to do with luck. It’s all about Stanford’s smash-mouth version of offense. Andrew Luck’s successor, Josh Nunes, had one of his biggest games yet against the Trojans, leading the Cardinal to a 21-14 victory.

What could quite possibly be the biggest upset of the year, also knocked USC out of the top ten and launched Stanford from 21 to 9. Continuing the west coast football theme, the year’s Super Bowl champions may be calling California home as well. Last night the San Francisco 49ers displayed defensive domination over the Detroit Lions winning at Candlestick Park, 27 – 19. The Lions were only able to get in the end zone once late in the fourth quarter. The Niners held Detroit to a field goal on four separate red zone stops and held the great Calvin Johnson to eight catches and no touchdowns.

This week’s play also comes to us from the West Coast, more specifically from the Pac-12’s California Golden Bears. Cal headed out to Ohio to take on the OSU Buckeyes. Losing 20 – 7 in the third quarter, this 81-yard touchdown run may have been what juiced the Bears comeback to lessen the margin to 7-point game. Brendan Bigelow shows some extreme balance and visual spatial coordination as he makes two spins while not only keeping his knees off the ground but also staying in bounds. It was an amazing run and a great addition to the TicketCity Play of the Week list.

This week there is also a runner-up purely due to the fact that they are both really good spin moves and I couldn’t decide on just one. The runner up play goes to Rutgers running back, Jawan Jamison, and is the second video listed below.