Stanley Cup Finals are Here

With Detroit Red Wings victory of the Dallas Stars last night, the Stanley Cup Finals are here.   The Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Detroit Red Wings in the best of 7 finals.    It isn’t the Dallas Stars vs. Pittsburgh Penguins match up I dreamed for throughout this playoff season but I am happy that at least one of my teams have made it. 

The Dallas Star and the Philadelphia Flyers have nothing to be ashamed of they went a lot farther than most people gave them credit for.   Both of these teams owe a great debt to their goaltenders Marty Turco and Martin Biron.  These two goaltenders had some amazing games this playoff season and were both the biggest factor in why their teams got as far as they did.

Well let’s now take a look at the two teams in the finals.

Stanley Cup Finals: Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

I will start out by taking a look at the powerhouse that is Detroit.   The Red Wings had the best record in the league during the regular season.  They have great forwards that can play defense like  Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk.   This helps out a defense that really doesn’t need much help since you have Nicklas Lidstrom back there along with the experience of Chris Chelios.    The Detroit team is one with a lot of experience.

On the other hand, you have the fairly young team of the Pittsburgh Penguins led by Captain Sid (“The Kid”) Crosby.   The Penguins have been firing on all cylinders during the playoffs.   Marc-Andre Fleury has been wonderful between the pipes showing why he deserved to be the number one draft pick in 2003.  The Penguins have four players with 15 points or more in 14 games (Crosby, Hossa,Malkin, and Malone).    If one of these players have had a bad night it hasn’t matter because one or more of the rest have stepped up and gotten things done for the Penguins.   

So the Red Wings had the best record in the regular season and have many highly experienced players.  The Penguins have had the best record in the playoffs and have many young and skillful players.    So it should be an excellent series to watch.    My prediction for who will win this series is the Pittsburgh Penguins six games.