Subway Series

Every day, it seems, the Yankees plunge deeper into a crisis that has already reached doomsday proportions. The New York Daily News identified the Bombers’ current stretch of games against the White Sox, Mets and Red Sox as “The Dirty Dozen” — the 12 games that not only will make or break their season but also could render Roger Clemens’ return meaningless and maybe even cost Joe Torre his job. Life is good in Queens (especially in Astoria!) as the Mets continue to find ways to win ballgames in a steady, somewhat monotonous blur. Fresh off their taking two of three from the Brewers this past weekend, the Mets have the National League’s best record and are on a pace to win 103 games. Barring some catastrophic slump or run of injuries, it’s almost impossible to think the Mets won’t make the playoffs. This weekend the Mets and Yankees continue their three-game subway series at Shea.