Suns looked like a shell of themselves last night in San Antonio.

Pistons vs. Cavaliers. Jazz vs. Spurs. Those are the conference finals for 2007.

I had Rockets vs. Suns in the West and Bulls vs Nets in the East. Boy was I wrong.

Both teams that I put in the Western Conference Finals choked hard in the clutch this year. Houston decided to double team the ball from 5 feet away with :30 remaining in their season and not stop the clock. Good call McGrady. (By the way, that kind of a situation that makes you slap your forehead and just wonder “What in the world was MY team thinking?!?!” is a definate reflection on the coaching. Good riddance to Van Gundy, have fun on TNT where you belong. Those who can’t, coach. And those who can’t coach, commentate.)

The Suns last night could not handle the third quarter. At all. It pained me to see Steve Nash during the game and afterwards, it looked like someone had just run over his childhood dog.

Good luck to the Jazz in the Western Conference Finals.