Super Bowl Experience (learning and growing)

I had the most amazing Super Bowl day ever and it wasn’t from just watching the game. I was returning from Arizona at 11:00am Sunday so I could get back to Texas, relax, and watch the game on TV. For some reason I did not check my bag in front of the airport like I usually do. I went strait to the SWA counter to save a buck. I was in line for about 20 minutes and finally made it close to the front counter. There was a young pregnant women there with her 2 year old daughter. She was talking to the agents and I overheard their conversation, the women’s child was just over 2 years old and was no longer eligible to fly free. The attendants explained she would have to pay and this women was in tears because she did not have any money. Now I do believe in things happening for a reason and thats why I landed in that particular line. I am fortunate to have a few extra rapid rewards tickets so I offered my way assistance to the agent. It made me feel so wonderful to help someone instead of just giving away tickets like we often do for silent auctions and charity events. To tell you the truth I was nearly in tears myself when I saw the tears of joy from this women. I realized at that moment that when you actually give your own personal time and energy to help someone out, that goes so far in helping both parties learn and grow.

My very best!

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer