Super Bowl XLIX Parking Explained


Getting the chance to attend a Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime experience. The hype, the excitement, the tailgating, pregame parties, the people, are all part of one of the best experiences in sports. With so much going on, it can be hard to decipher when to be where, and what areas offer what amenities. Here is a complete guide to parking and tailgating at Super Bowl XLIX.

University of Phoenix Stadium has tons of available parking surrounding the stadium. But unlike Arizona Cardinals games, much of the parking at the Super Bowl will be handled by the NFL, which will significantly change some of the typical parking procedures at the stadium.

When Can I Park at Super Bowl XLIX?
NFL Sanctioned parking Lots will open at 10 am the morning of the Super Bowl (February 1st, 2015), and remain open until 2 hours following the finish of the game. Note, there is no overnight parking available at the Super Bowl, so be prepared to remove your vehicle within the 2 hour window following the game. Parking lots in the Westgate area (Blue and Purple lots) will open at 7 am on gameday.

Where is the most convenient place to park for Super Bowl XLIX?
What is known as “On Location” parking at University of Phoenix Stadium is the closest and most convenient place to park for the game. On Location Parking includes lots A, B, C, D, E, F, and G which immediately surround the stadium. These lots are represented by the red line on the parking map below.

What other Parking Options do I have?
While the On Location parking are the most convenient parking areas, the majority of the parking at University of Phoenix Stadium is what is known as Standard Parking. These lots include all of the purple, blue, yellow, and green lots listed on the map below.

If I park at a Standard Parking lot, are there shuttles to the stadium?
Normally at games at University of Phoenix Stadium there are shuttles to and from the stadium and many of the standard parking lots. These shuttles will not be running for the Super Bowl. Fans should plan to walk to the stadium from their parking lot.

Are there ADA accessible lots at University of Phoenix Stadium?
There are ADA parking options available in all of the lots at University of Phoenix Stadium. These spots will require a state issued ADA hangtag.

Instead of parking, where can I drop patrons off before the game?
For Super Bowl XLIX there are no sanctioned drop off zones for limousines, buses, sedans, or shuttles outside of the stadium. Driving near the stadium will be incredibly restricted and vehicles not looking to park at On Location lots will likely not be permitted to drive close to the stadium.


One of the biggest changes for Super Bowl gameday at University of Phoenix stadium will be for tailgating.

Where tailgating is not allowed:

Tailgating will be prohibited at all of the on location and standard parking lots near the stadium. Tailgating will also be prohibited at the West Valley Family Church, COG Utility, Brown Lot, DirecTV, and Yellow Lot 2, as well as any NFL sanctioned lot at the stadium. Parking attendants have been instructed to call the police on anyone attempting to set up a personal tailgate.

Where can I tailgate?

Setting up a personal tailgate in the area will land you in some unwanted trouble before Super Bowl XLIX. But there are some alternatives. There are going to be NFL sponsored events in lots A, B, and C, as well as other areas on the north side of the stadium. There will also be pre-game festivities in the Tanger/Westgate area, which is to the north of Gila River Area and includes the area around the Blue and Purple lots on the map.

If you have any other parking related questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to get the best possible answer, so that your Super Bowl Experience goes on without a hitch.