Super Week Rolls On

The Big Easy is not so easy. After talking to dozens of folks in New Orleans about the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Baltimore on radio and TV here’s what I know, “Nothing!”

I know Chris Berman says, “And that’s why you play the game,” but I wanted to know something. I’m the jaded journalist. I don’t cheer for much anymore as much as I pick. If there is any team based fandom left in me thought it is for the team I loved as a child the San Francisco 49ers.

I usually set myself up for failure when I think a game is going to be as good as I think this one is going to be. I mean both have good defenses with the 49er defense approaching that great category.

Both head coaches made tough decisions during the course of the season with offensive personal and coaching moves. Those two head coaches are brothers and grew up sharing a bedroom. This will be Ray Lewis’ last season and he will go down probably the greatest middle linebacker to ever play the game. Both quarterbacks are future stars of the game. Seriously, how could this not be an awesome game? On paper it could go down as the best Super Bowl ever.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I’m setting up myself for disappointment. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

You know what? It won’t matter. I mean if my 49ers win!




Sean is an expert radio and television guest and commentator covering the national perspective and the history of college football. Currently a columnist covering the University of Texas athletics for and HornsNation, Sean is also a contributor to Longhorn Network.