SXSW Preliminary Line-up

So I’m gearing up for March because I know every year around that time of year, the “music capital of the world” bring all kinds of music right to my neighborhood.  Of course I am talking about South By Southwest!!   This event encompasses a week and a half of interesting and entertaining events. 

The Interactive Festival starts off the week on March 13th thru the 22nd.  This festival exhibits the new and cool media technologies.  It also has panel sessions that cover a variety of tech related issues, not to mention a 3-day Trade Show and Exhibition.  This year they add an event called ScreenBurn at SXSW, which includes particular parts of the gaming industry programming and incorporates a 3-day Arcade.

The SXSW Film Conference and Festival starts on March 13th as well and continues on past the Interactive Festival to March 21st.  This festival showcases many aspects of the independent film industry.  Not only does this part of SXSW feature speakers discussing the new technologies of film making, but it showcases the newest trend that we can look out for.  All intertwined in this, comes an array of independent films that range anywhere from comedies to documentaries and focuses on all the emerging talent displayed in writing, filming, directing and acting.

Now to my favorite part….THE MUSIC!! Although this part of the festival is the shortest of all the festivals, lasting only from March 18th thru the 22nd, it is a big part of any up-and-coming or even established artist’s calendar.  With over 1,800 musical acts showcased from all over the world, Austin is transformed into a giant stage.  There is always something to do, somewhere to go and a band you can’t live without seeing.  Here is a list of all those bands that you need to plan on catching while they are here.  Now keep in mind this is only a Preliminary line-up, so don’t shoot the messenger if it happens to change!

You can get tickets to this musical experience by calling 1-800-SOLD-OUT or by visiting