SxSW Wristbands

In lieu of the fact that is not going to be selling wristbands, I feel that it is necessary to get the word out on how to purchase them on your own! 

There are some funky rules though, so BEWARE!!

>This year ALL the advanced wristbands are going to be sold online.
>These are on a first-come, first serve basis, until they sell out (of the initial round of 4000 – yes four thousand – wristbands) or March 9, 2009, whichever happens first.
>After these run out or after March 9th, the wristbands are list priced at $180 each but all the info below is still required (besides area address)
>Max of two (one for the AREA RESIDENT and one for a guest)
>Purchaser must be one of the wristband recipients and must provide:
-Your info: Name, phone number, valid credit card number and expiration with a local billing address (all the Austin zips work as well as Bastrop -78602 and Bretram – 78605), drivers license number (or government-issued ID number)! And that’s just for yours!
-Guests information must include: separate name and email
>Each person may only purchase TWO wristbands, although if you succeed in purchasing more than two, you will be charged but only the person originally on the guest wristband will be able to use it!! (LAME!! So if I were you I wouldn’t push your luck and stick with two!!!)

****ALL WRISTBANDS ARE ASSIGNED BY NAME AND ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE AND NO-REFUNDABLE (SO…make sure the person you put down, isn’t a flake… because you can’t give it to anyone else)

>Each person must pick up their individual wristband that will be fastened to them at that time and not removed until the end of the festival
>You must present a valid drivers license or government issued ID
>You can’t pick up your guest or any other person’s wristband
>Don’t tamper with the wristband, because they will become invalid


If you still want to get some…I mean two…ONLY TWO…..BUY THEM!!