Take Me Out to the…World Series

The World Series, or the Fall Classic, is a tradition in American sports that extends back over 100 years. The games are played in October, so there is often a crisp chill in the air at a World Series baseball game. But the cooler temperatures are offset by the electricity of the crowd during each game. Each game is critical to the outcome, so every inning and every at bat are huge. 162 regular season baseball games, and two weeks of playoff games, come down to a few World Series games. The crowds buzz, the teams are intense and each player is trying to make that one key play that will be talked about forever.

Are you ready for the World Series action?

The 2012 World Series is definitely a throwback to the games of the ‘90s when the long ball was in (this time, however, it seems to be clean). There seems to be more potential for power hitting going on in a series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers than any in recent memory. That’s what you get when Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton get together. Oh yeah, and Adrian Beltre, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, David Freese and Matt Holliday. The list goes on.

While people are surprised the Cardinals made it to the Series–remember, they were on the verge of suffering the same fate as the Red Sox—the fact they beat the vaunted Philadelphia Phillies pitching rotation should have given those critics pause. Sure, any lineup with Albert Pujols can dominate if he gets on a tear. But the series victory in a 5-game series over Philly, including facing Halladay and Lee twice, should have put fans on notice that these Cards could tango with anyone. Matt Holliday and emerging post-season hero and NLCS MVP David Freese are providing the needed boost that helped Chris Carpenter and the outstanding bullpen beat the Phils and Milwaukee Brewers.

The Texas Rangers, on the other hand, have persevered despite a starting rotation that has taken a hit in the post-season. No worries, however, since the team has decided to concurrently have an offensive explosion led by Nelson Cruz, who almost single-handedly beat the Detroit Tigers with two Motor City-crushing home runs. With a bullpen to match the Cardinals’ stellar rotation of middle relief and closers, it look like the Rangers have met their match—and the winners are fans who will enjoy the high flying action!

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