Tips for the U.S. Open

If you’re heading to Flushing for the U.S. Open for the first time, you’re likely to be a bit overwhelmed with everything going on. We brought in our TicketCity U.S. Open expert, Rafael Rivas, who goes to the tournament every year to give you some tips.

Q: Where should I sit?

RR: The best value is to buy a promenade seat during the first week for a day session. They are usually cheaper than ground passes and still get you access to Arthur Ashe Stadium.


Q: What’s a good day to go?

RR: Session 17. It’s the Men’s Round of 16/Women’s Quarterfinals. You get good matches for a reasonable price. It’s lightly attended because it falls on the morning after Labor Day. Tickets are very affordable. (Editor’s note: Session 17 is the last day there are ground passes for)


Q: What’s a good place to eat while I’m there?

RR: On the grounds,  Mojitos is good. It’s outside of Arthur Ashe and anyone can go. Even better is the U.S. Open Club, which is buffet style but it’s inside Arthur Ashe and you need a court-side seat of US Open Club Pass. The best place is Aces, which is a Seafood restaurant inside Arthur Ashe and you must have a court-side seat or Aces pass. It has a full menu and I recommend making a reservation.


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