US Open Tennis 2021 Schedule & Event Guide

The 2021 US Open Tennis Tournament is the 141st edition of the legendary tennis tournament held just outside Manhattan in New York City. Demand for the 2021 Open is stronger than any tournament in recent years because many tennis fans are excited to attend after the US Open Tennis Tournament played without fans in the stands in 2020.

Fans who attend will be treated to two weeks of elite tennis competition at one of the best sports venues in the world. Whether you have attended in the past, or this is your first-time at the Open, you will undoubtedly have questions regarding what to expect when you get to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Our goal is to provide you here with much of that knowledge you need to truly enjoy this event.

TicketCity provides our insider info on how to enjoy the US Open including: match schedules, stadium seating guides, parking options, guide on how to use mobile tickets, and more. Our goal in providing this info is to make sure your experience at the US Open Tennis Tournament is as easy as possible. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to us directly for US Open information or request a US Open Tennis package.

2021 US Open Schedule:

  • 2021 US Open Tennis – August 30
    • Session 1:   Men’s & Women’s 1st Round – 11 AM
    • Session 2:   Men’s & Women’s 1st Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – August 31
    • Session 3:   Men’s & Women’s 1st Round – 11 AM
    • Session 4:   Men’s & Women’s 1st Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 1
    • Session 5:   Men’s & Women’s 2nd Round – 11 AM
    • Session 6:   Men’s & Women’s 2nd Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 2
    • Session 7:   Men’s & Women’s 2nd Round – 11 AM
    • Session 8:   Men’s & Women’s 2nd Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 3
    • Session 9:   Men’s & Women’s 3rd Round – 11 AM
    • Session 10: Men’s & Women’s 3rd Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 4
    • Session 11: Men’s & Women’s 3rd Round – 11 AM
    • Session 12: Men’s & Women’s 3rd Round – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 5
    • Session 13: Men’s & Women’s Round 16 – 11 AM
    • Session 14: Men’s & Women’s Round 16 – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 6
    • Session 15: Men’s & Women’s Round 16 – 11 AM
    • Session 16: Men’s & Women’s Round 16 – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 7
    • Session 17: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals – 11 AM
    • Session 18: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 8
    • Session 19: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals – 11 AM
    • Session 20: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 9
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 10
    • Session 22: Men’s Semifinals & Men’s Mixed Doubles – 12 PM
    • Session 23: Men’s Semifinals – 7 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 11
    • Session 24: Women’s Final & Men’s Doubles Final – 12 PM
  • 2021 US Open Tennis – September 12
    • Session 25: Men’s Final & Women’s Doubles Final – 12 PM


There are 22 courts at the USTA National Tennis Center, but the primary courts for the US Open tournament are Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium. The main court is located inside Arthur Ashe Stadium, which seats approximately 23,500 tennis fans. The tournament is played on a hard-court surface and there is a retractable roof to keep rain from disrupting the top matches.

The tournament includes 25 sessions over the two weeks of the tournament, and each session requires a separate ticket. There are many days where there is both a Day Session and Night Session, which again each require a separate ticket to attend.

Arthur Ashe Stadium:

Arthur Ashe Stadium Courtside Boxes:
Courtside boxes (or seats) get you so close to the action that you can often hear the players talking on the court. They include sections 1-67 and the rows on the side start with row AA, then go from row A to row H with each letter having two rows because they are a box.  There are fewer rows behind the server, which generally start with row E.

A typical courtside box (location contained by railing) includes four seats in front and four seats directly behind those, but some come with setups of three and three. A courtside box can be purchased as a whole or individual tickets within a box. It is commonplace when you purchase a pair of seats in the 3×3 boxes to have one person sitting behind due to the configuration of the box.

Courtside seats are some of the most desirable seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium and where the celebrities in attendance will be sitting.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Loge Level:
Loge level seats are one level up from the courtside seats and provide a nice view of the action. They include sections 101-136 with each section containing rows A-N. Row N contains ADA seating options. Loge Level seats behind the server are often considered some of the best values in the stadium.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Promenade:
The top level at Arthur Ashe Stadium is the promenade, which includes sections 301 to 340 and up to 25 rows per section. The promenade offers a clear view and allows you to still feel the electricity of a US Open match.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Tips:
Arthur Ashe ticket holders also have general admission access to other courts as well as the full grounds of the tennis center. For several (earlier) sessions you can often find reserved tickets for about the same price as grounds general admission.

While the roof certainly helps block some of the sun, reserving tickets in a shaded area during daytime sessions is still a great idea. Fans will want to shop for seats on the south and west sides of the stadium. For reference this includes sections 123-136 and 101-105 (as well as the promenade and courtside equivalents above and below).

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Louis Armstrong Stadium:

There are two levels of seats to this 14,000 seat stadium: a lower level of reserved seats that are ticketed in advance and an upper level of general admission seats that are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Like Arthur Ashe, the south and west sides of Louis Armstrong will be shaded first during day sessions. This includes sections 1-7 and 17-18. Higher rows will also be shaded first due to the roof.

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US Open Tennis FAQs:

How do I use mobile tickets at the US Open?
We have put together a step-by-step guide to using mobile tickets at the US Open. Click here to read how to use mobile tickets at US Open.

What are US Open grounds passes?
Grounds passes are made available for certain sessions of the US Open tournament. Grounds passes allow access to all of the side courts, as well as, the upper-level general admission seats at Louis Armstrong Stadium. Grounds passes do not provide access to any matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Is a separate ticket required to see matches at Louis Armstrong Stadium?
The reserved seats in the lower-level of Louis Armstrong Stadium do require a reserved seat, which you can purchase here. The upper-level of Louis Armstrong Stadium is general admission, and available for any fan with a grounds pass or a ticket from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

What is the best way to get to the tennis center?
The US Open is played on the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, which is located in the New York City borough of Queens. Driving yourself or using a car services are two of hte most popular options with our customers who attend the Open. Parking is limited at the National Tennis Center, so we recommend you pre-purchase US Open parking pass if you plan to drive. Also factor in plenty of time for traffic getting there.

Another way to get to the Open from Manhattan is to either take the #7 subway train or the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). The #7 Flushing-bound train lets off at the Mets-Willet Point station, which is a short walk from US Open. The LIRR is more expensive, but more comfortable and direct trip that leaves from Penn Station.

Do I need a ticket to attend Arthur Ashe Kids Day?
Admission to the USTA ground are free, but you do need to have a ticket to attend the stadium show inside Arthur Ashe Stadium. The show features kid friendly entertainment including top music entertainers and the biggest tennis stars in the game today.

What items are restricted at the US Open National Tennis Center?
These items may NOT be brought on to the premises: backpacks, hard coolers, glass bottles, alcohol, video cameras, computers or laptops, weapons, banners or signs, noisemakers, or tennis racquets.

What is the best food available at the US Open?
The US Open food village has just about every type of food imaginable from deli classics and burgers, to ice cream, seafood, kosher dishes, pizza, BBQ and alcoholic beverages. For seated dining there is the Patio Café & Bar, Mojito’s Latin inspired restaurant, two Heineken restaurants and the Moet Terrace for champagne. There are also a few private venues at Arthur Ashe Stadium available only to select ticket holders, those include Aces, Champions Bar & Grill and the US Open Club.

What health and safety requirements will be in place at the 2021 US Open?
For 2021, fans 12 and older will be required to show proof of at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccination to attend the US Open. Proof of a negative test is NOT required. There will be neither temperature checks nor health questionnaires upon entry. Masks may be required in certain indoor locations, regardless of vaccination status, unless eating or drinking.

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