Using Mobile Tickets at the US Open Tennis Tournament

How do you use mobile entry tickets at the US Open Tennis Tournament?
That is a common question we are asked by customers as we transition from a world of hard stock (paper) tickets to tickets you now receive and display on your smart phone (i.e.- mobile tickets). We provide the guide below to hopefully make it easier for you to buy, accept transfer and gain entry to the US Open with your tickets. If you have questions we did not answer here, please reach out to us on twitter.

The end of August means only one thing for tennis fans around the United States: the beginning of the U.S. open, the final major of the professional tennis schedule.  Held every year in Flushing Meadows, New York, the U.S. Open has been the scene of some truly tremendous tennis over the past few years. This year, fans should expect just as much fireworks and excitement as the tournaments prior. However, fans should be aware of the changes to the US Open Tennis Ticket Policies. 

Tickets will be distributed in two forms. The first form is mobile entry and the second is a physical, hard-stock ticket.

With mobile entry, you will be able to enter an event without the need of a physical ticket. No more worries about losing a ticket or realizing you left your ticket at home the moment you arrive at the venue. You can now use the mobile app on your smartphone to access your order and present the QR code ticket to be scanned as if it was a physical ticket, and you’re in!

We appreciate your patience with this new system of ticket delivery as we are also fairly new to the system as well. Last year proved to be successful and efficient, and many venues are now using this format for their ticketing this year. Please follow these steps on how to accept and access your tickets:

Steps 1-3: Accept your tickets

Once we initiate the transfer (TO THE EMAIL WE HAVE ON FILE, UNLESS YOU NOTIFY US OTHERWISE), you will receive an email asking you to accept the tickets. THIS WILL COME FROM [email protected] AND THE SUBJECT LINE WILL READ THE NAME OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER MAKING THE TRANSFER. “Your Ticket Transfer Offer from X”. The name on the transfer does not matter.

  • Click to accept the tickets, from a computer (not your cell phone) and you will be taken to your account home page where you will either:
  • Log in to your account with your information (IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT)


  • Create account with the email address the tickets were transferred to
  • Once you’ve logged into your account and accepted the ticket transfer, you will see your tickets listed.

Steps 3-6: Access them in the App

This is very important as screenshots of the QR code outside of the app will not be accepted at the entrance of the tournament.

  • Download the US Open Tennis mobile app
  • Select “Tickets” from the bottom right tab > click “Manage” > Sign in with the username and password you used to accept the tickets and your tickets will appear on the screen

QRCODES ARE NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 48 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT; they will be scanned directly off your phone from this page.



Go to your iPhone/Android app store, select and download the US Open Tennis app

If you have accepted the ticket transfer from your email already and the tickets are in your account, you can also go to will call at the venue and provide an ID and your email address as the tickets are also tied to your account recognized by their system.

If you are having issues logging in to your US Open Tennis app, or accessing your tickets through this app, please view the US Open Tennis Tournament’s Ticketing FAQ Page, reach out to us on social media or call us.